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We are transformation activists with a deeply-rooted passion for the proper use and understanding of data and analytics.  Based on our belief that data is at the heart of any innovative organization, our mission is to help organizations incorporate modern approaches and technologies to elevate their data practices, incubate their data product ideas, and support the growth of their human resources. 

Bill Bickerton

Bill Bickerton has been an executive at a number of startups as well as a management consultant at top-tier firms. His focus is on delivering business value through data analytics with a focus on cloud solutions. Bill leads and consults on strategic planning and visioning initiatives to help companies define their future “data driven” state and build a roadmap to iteratively move towards their vision. He has strong hands-on design, architecture and implementation experience in big data and traditional data warehousing as well as management experience leading large and small cross-functional teams.


Julie Burroughs

With a focus on innovation, Julie has helped companies large and small become data-driven champions with amazingly successful results. Julie loves data and believes in the power of a strong analytics program. She believes that the term “big data” is overused and misunderstood, as all data is important, big or small. Over the years she has assembled excellent analytics teams. Through the use of emerging technologies such as the cloud, data visualization and machine learning, she has helped organizations save millions of dollars while growing bottom line revenues. Julie believes in power of a strong corporate culture that supports strong teams. She promotes strategic planning that supports solutions that differentiate an organization. With these two key activities, teams are motivated, confident and eager to engage with their peers, clients and partners.

Ed Daniels

Ed Daniels is a healthcare information technology consultant with extensive experience in electronic health data exchange, interoperability, care management and care coordination. Ed has served as CEO, COO and Vice President of companies in the healthcare, marketing, and telecommunications industries. Most recently, Ed has been assisting accountable care organizations in Illinois and Colorado as they expand and rationalize their IT infrastructures. Prior to its acquisition by Aetna, Ed assisted Healthagen with the development of their mobile consumer health application, iTriage.  Ed also served as CEO of RMD Networks, Inc. a development-stage company that electronically connected communities of physicians, their staff and their patients.


Jesus Diaz

Jesus Diaz is an organizational and technical leader, with a proven track record of forming, growing and managing cross-functional teams. He is experienced on Agile methodologies for the team and the enterprise (SAFe certified), with responsibilities including overseeing and coordinating work for multiple development teams (onshore and offshore), as well as supporting and actively contributing to the program architectural runway. He has identified, nurtured and helped with the adoption of numerous initiatives such as Scrum/SAFe, DevOps, Cloud computing, and enterprise project/product management software. He has also promoted software development best practices that include Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Automated Testing. Jesus has a true entrepreneurial mindset and an inner passion for delivering working software and analytics projects.

Sean Hewitt

A proven leader in Data Governance, Privacy, and Analytics with a solid track record of managing teams, defining needs and delivering solutions. Over 20 years of experience working in a wide variety of industries and across several B.I. platforms. Capable of making a strong connection and building trust with clients and stakeholders through outstanding communication skills, strong business acumen and a relaxed professional style. Exceptional leadership abilities mastered over 20 years of managing resources both within I.T. and in other functions.

Matthew Housely

Matt started in the academic world as a math professor before joining Overstock as a data scientist in 2015. There, he quickly saw a need to overhaul processes, improve teamwork, and incorporate engineering best practices to deliver real value to the company. He started to focus more on data and cloud engineering, working extensively with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Containers, Apache Airflow and GPUs, among other technologies. He has also achieved certifications in AWS and Google Cloud.

Jennifer Griffis

Jennifer is a self-described Data Therapist, specializing in Data Quality, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Metadata Management and overall Data Strategy solutions. She works with clients to consult and guide them on their data management journey. Jennifer is passionate about helping people understand their data – what it is, where it resides, how accurate it is, and how it is being used – so that they are fully equipped to make operational and/or marketing decisions. Jennifer serves as a partner to both the business & IT leadership teams to understand and identify each organization’s specific use cases or pain points and provide robust and effective solutions.

Paul Kautza

Paul Kautza has amassed more than 35 years of experience in business intelligence (BI) and data management. Kautza is a recognized management consultant and executive coach. He has led high-profile engagements with Fortune 500 corporations and government entities within national and global environments. Kautza focuses on business intelligence, data management, and business analytics, and he has consistently been on the leading edge of advancing and optimizing enterprise data across the entire data technology space including transitioning to digital and cloud environments for complex global corporations. He also spearheaded the development of business intelligence training courses and programs as the Director of Education with The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI).

Dr. Patricia Klauer

Dr. Klauer is expert in adapting new technologies, aligning organizations and developing architectures to transform businesses, while addressing the pragmatic realities of preserving revenue through existing products and systems. With a primary focus on pioneering new information technologies, she recently lead an end-to-end IoT solutions company that provides data as a service for real-time monitoring of environmental conditions for transportation and smart cities of the future. Trained initially as a chiropractor, Dr. Klauer began her IT career at MIT and went on to Wall Street to design some of the first large-scale relational database systems for investment banks. She led a diverse team at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and has been providing strategic consulting to integrate innovative technologies for a variety of industries, academic institutions, government, life sciences and telecommunications institutions. Dr Klauer applies her full spectrum skills to support organizations to develop seamlessly integrated, intelligent and highly adaptive technology systems that will address dynamic environmental and social factors.


Krish Krishnan

Mr. Krishnan is a recognized expert worldwide in the strategy, architecture and implementation of high-performance big data analytics, data warehousing, analytics and business intelligence solutions. He is a visionary data warehouse thought leader, ranked as one of the top data warehouse consultants in the world. Krishnan is an independent analyst, writing and speaking at industry leading conferences, user groups and trade publications. He has authored four books, four eBooks, over 430 plus whitepapers, articles, viewpoints and case studies in Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data Warehouse Appliances and Architectures.

Mike Lampa

Mike Lampa works with enterprises to transform their Analytics Programs to stay current and relevant with the latest business models, disciplines, regulations, techniques, analytic innovations and technologies in the rapidly evolving Modern Analytics market. Taking a holistic approach that focuses on the impacts on culture, people roles and business/technical process aspects as well as the selection and implementation of enabling modern technology tools and platforms and tactical migration roadmaps, Mike mentors and guides the enterprise towards a smooth transition to increase the Analytics Program value. Over 23 years Analytics practitioner experience both as a consultant and an employee in Global 100 enterprises with domain knowledge in Banking & Financial Services, Industrial Manufacturing, High-Tech Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industries.


Jo Anne McCobb

Specializing in sales, business development, customer success and partner development, Jo Anne brings strong data-driven expertise.  She has the ability to lay the groundwork for successful discovery integrating customer requirements with partner capabilities.  As an accomplished business professional, she brings a successful track record of meeting client objectives through a responsive and knowledgeable approach. She has provided oversight as a leader around best practices with one of the top data organizations working with progressive companies in both the private and public sector.

Anna Navarette

Anna Navarette works with legacy database theories and designs and how to best incorporate that into data analytic solutions. She focuses on the strategy of “data as an asset” and working with her partners defines the impacts to process, procedures, people and potential technology enhancements to reach their overall objectives. Anna is a technical leader and facilitator over 25+ years creating, supporting and enhancing data platforms for business value. She has led global mergers and acquisitions with a focus on CRM, website development, and traditional data concepts including: warehousing, data marts, master data management, business intelligence tools for both on-premise and cloud solutions. Her overall goal is to provide solid solutions that are sustainable and able to evolve as the industry may demand.


Joe Reis

Joe Reis is a business-minded math guy who’s worked behind the scenes and on the frontlines of companies large and small. Joe believes that winning with data means more than just having the right tech tools. Joe understands how to help companies make sense of their culture, processes, and architecture so they can go from dreaming to doing. He’s certified in both AWS and Google Cloud.

Brian Schade

Brian Schade is an Executive and Board Advisor serving as coach, mentor, strategic advisor, consultant and confidential counsel to clients across a wide range of industries worldwide.  He creatively helps clients achieve significant improvements to their business through a strong focus on business & technology strategy, leadership, cost optimization, communication and innovation. (1)

Joe Wilhelmy

Joe Wilhelmy focuses on driving innovation in the information, analytics and data engineering landscape. Along with this passion to pursue the novel, Joe utilizes his experience in different verticals to balance the business goals against the data transformation opportunities. Many of an organization’s most challenging problems are often times approached with extremely dated methods and technologies, which may appear adequate, but often times, are woefully inefficient. For many years, championing the fact that data is a first class citizen, Joe has architected the successful delivery of value in big data analytics, real-time insights of massive scale, NLP and business centric, private blockchain infrastructure.

Marsha Wilson

Marsha is an experienced, passionate technology executive with over 20 years of experience transforming growing software and services businesses. Marsha co-founded and currently leads ScaleSec, an SDVOSB cloud security consultancy that found great success advising in post-breach environments, addressing immediate technical remediation; building in automation to reduce future risk; and working with business leadership to answer board commitments. She leads with empathy, and has built trusted advisor relationships with SMB to Enterprise-level companies to galvanize teams and help them reach their objectives without sacrificing security for speed to market. Marsha is an Army veteran, and she lives in San Diego with her husband and three children.